A Much Needed Rest Day

Why is it that my Rest Days usually turn out to be pretty nice? It’s warm, sunny and NOT raining today. Grrrr! But I’m feeling a bit tired and glad to have a break today.

During my lunch hour, I ran errands.  I walked to Fred Meyer to buy a padlock. A locker in the locker room at work opened up so I snagged it to store some running gear. I also stopped at the Dollar store to get some stuff to organize the locker.

On the way back I stopped at Whole Foods to get some yogurt. I used the coupons from Julie from Pickley Pear and my last Oikos coupon from months ago!

I got a few new flavors to try, too.

I also gave in to impulse shopping at Whole Foods and snagged a can of tea:

It was on sale for $1. Can’t beat that, right? We’ll see how it is.

After work, I’m going to Foot Traffic to have my feet analyzed! With all the running I am doing and training for Hood to Coast, I need to get fitted right.

QUESTION: Have you ever been fitted for running shoes? What did they say?


2 responses to “A Much Needed Rest Day

  1. I’ve only been fitting for clipless bike shoes, but not running shoes.

    I probably should get a proper running shoe fit.

    Doesn’t it seem like the nicest days are the ones you rest? LOL

  2. Man…I can so relate!!

    You’ll have a good day tomorrow 🙂

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