Asics Test Run

I walked around the office in my new Asics shoes today to test them out.


Just walking around, they seem okay. There’s a lot of cushion in the heel area, so that’s good. Since they are new and I haven’t worn them at all, they feel pretty stiff.

My goal was to work out in the gym in my office today and test out my new shoes. Just in case I need to return them, I don’t want to wear the shoes outside.  I ate an orange and drank some water before heading to the gym.


I used to use the gym at work a lot. I stopped using it when I began running outside.

I’ve Come A Long Way

When I first started running, it was 100% on the gym treadmill. I went to a small community gym/pool near my apartment and they didn’t have a lot of machines. I did the elliptical mostly but I found it got crowded and I didn’t want to wait for machines. I started using the treadmill and got a lot better at it.

But once I started running outside last year…I never stepped on a treadmill again (that I remember). I just can’t do it. Now that I’ve been an outside runner only, I just can’t bring myself to get back on the treadmill.

Today I started running on the treadmill at the speed I remember using.

It was surprisingly slow.

I amped up the speed until I felt comfortable, paying attention to my Heart Rate Monitor, and tried to figure out how to recreate my usual lunchtime run outside.

I quickly realized how far I’d come from the old days of running on the treadmill. I ran the 3.05 miles without walking or stopping (I used to walk on the treadmill every 1/2 mile or so).

And I quickly realized that I hate the treadmill.

During the first 5 minutes of my run I was bored. My thought was “This is going to be a wasted workout!” I felt frustrated and annoyed. I ran on the treadmill though, paying attention to my new shoes. I didn’t notice anything glaringly obvious so I guess they are okay!

I ran 3.05 miles on the treadmill in 34:21 minutes. After the treadmill, I did some weights:

And some upper body work. Then I did traveling lunges with this 12 pound bar:

I also did some ab work with the ball and finished with LOTS of stretching! Including some yoga (Downward Dog).

I gauge a work out on three things:

1. How much I sweat.

2. How many calories I burn.

3. How my body feels doing it.

While I originally thought “This is going to be a wasted workout”, it turned out to be pretty good! I definitely worked up a good sweat. I burned more calories than I was expecting.

Sweating and Stretching

Today’s Stats:

Distance: 3.05 miles

Calories Burned: 449

Time: 35 ish on the treadmill, 15 doing weights, etc.

QUESTION: Do you run on a treadmill or outside? Which do you prefer?


13 responses to “Asics Test Run

  1. Great workout!

    I normally run outside except for winter, because I don’t do ice and snow running. Plus nobody shovels their walks!
    So, treadmill in winter. With some good tunes on, it isn’t so bad, not to mention you can do some great HIIT intervals on the treadmill!

  2. I prefer running outside because long runs on the treadmill just hurt my knees! And I like the change of scenery. Regardless I tend to be a treadmill girl in the summer because it gets soooo hot here.

  3. I like doing intervals on the treadmill. I find that I sometimes push myself harder because a) I don’t want to look like a wimp and stop and b) If I don’t keep running at a certain pace I will fall off. I used to only street run, but I am doing treadmill only lately.

  4. I used to only run inside, then transitioned to outside, and now I mostly run outside. I don’t mind the occasional run on the treadmill and I do like being able to control my speed. But now that I have a Garmin that tells me how fast I’m going, I like running outside much better.

  5. I loathe. the treadmill. I’m like you — used to run on a treadmill all the time. This was the first year I actually ran outside all winter — even when it was ZERO! Which I thought was pretty amazing. But it does come in handy when you’re in a bind. Hope the shoes work out for you!

  6. I definitely prefer running outside, but right now I miss running so much that I have been staring at the treadmills lovingly haha

  7. I always run slower on a treadmill than I do outside. I’m not sure why, but its always been like that for me. Maybe because I’m staring at the numbers in front of my face instead of focusing on actually running!

  8. I run outside. I think I’d get bored running inside.

    I saw a snapping turtle on my run today! Wouldn’t have seen that on a treadmill. :p

  9. Outside for sure! I dislike the treadmill and only use it when the weather is really bad.

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