The Weekend Eater

Are you a weekend overeater? It’s a common trap for “dieters” or people watching what they eat. They eat so well all week, follow a schedule/plan, work out, then Friday night comes.

I Want 3 Please

Happy hours

Birthday Parties



Date night out

Movies with popcorn

The traps are endless.


Eating the ideal number of calories 355 days of the year and an excess 1,000 calories on the 10 big holidays (with no extra exercise to compensate) would lead to a 3 pound weight gain, but being over your calorie needs by just 200 calories EVERY day of the year would result in gaining 20 pounds! Most Americans consistently eat too many calories, day after day after day. I call it the “snowball effect.””

1,000 Calories in Movie Popcorn

Tips for Eating Better on the Weekends

1. Don’t stop exercising on the weekends. I try to take 2 days off a week from exercise. I need those rest days (even if I don’t want them) so I usually plan my rest days for Tues/Thurs. It helps break up the monotony and I KNOW I will eat more on the weekends–so I make sure I get my exercise in.

2. Keep tracking calories/points on the weekends. Weekends do not equal a free pass. Those calories count the same as Monday’s calories. 🙂

3. Avoid the “I’ll start the diet on Monday” mentality. I go by the 90/10 rule. Splurging once in awhile is not license to eat everything in sight all the time.

4. Plan ahead. If you have a big event planned for the weekend, try eating about 100-200 calories less the few days leading up to it. But DON’T starve yourself. That’s not the answer. An example would be: don’t eat dessert Thursday or Friday night and eat dessert on Saturday night instead.

5. Don’t drink your calories! Alcohol really adds up. You can still have fun, but maybe drink something “lighter”. Instead of a Strawberry Daiquiri for 500+ calories, have a Rum and Diet coke for 100 calories.

6. Don’t starve yourself during the day. It’s one thing to eat lighter in preparation for going out to dinner on a Saturday night, it’s another thing to starve yourself and then make bad choices later.

7. Split entrees with a friend. Or even better, split dessert with the whole table! It saves money and calories! Another alternative would be to order a few appetizers, soup and a salad as your meal instead of an entree.

8. If you weigh in once a week, or have a Weight Watchers weigh in, change your date to Monday. That could keep you on track during the weekend!

QUESTION: Are you a weekend over-eater? What tips and tricks do you have?


14 responses to “The Weekend Eater

  1. Great tips to share!

  2. These were all good tips – – nothing to add!

  3. Wow, that post hit home. I was just thinking I really need to get out of the habit of totally overeating on Saturday. It has gotten really bad for me and I have the “all or nothing” mentality. I ate so much Saturday (so, so much). I need to learn how to stop myself from doing this every week.

  4. What great tips!! I try to fit in workouts during the weekend too – especially given that they dont have to be rushed!

  5. Im definitely a weekend overeater. And sometimes a night overeater. But, I think it (mostly) all evens out! Love your tips + we should meet up next year somewhere exotic if you plan to do a tri!

  6. I really struggle on the w/e. I do a good job o weekdays b/c I pack my lunch so I pack healthy, and so I either eat what i have or starve (I teach so i can’t leave the school, we eat with the kids.) but then I so blow it on the weekends! I am getting better though.

  7. I am a weekday snacker! Weekends are so filled with errands and things that I eat pretty well. Work snacking is out of control!

  8. For me, “business as usual” is key. If I fret about a dinner out, I’m likely to overeat. If I just eat normally during the day, I’m in much better shape to make a good menu decision.

  9. I don’t overeat at weekends typically but when I go away for the weekend I do! Meeting friends at restaurants and going to starbucks means I consume more calories but I do always try to make good choices, and not let ‘holiday mode’ set in! I am guilty of not exercising on weekends, it’s something I need to watch!

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