I Don’t Do Flip Turns

Last night’s swim was fantastic! I’ve said this numerous times but I want to say it again: any soreness I feel disappears immediately in the pool. It felt so great to stretch out and swim. I’m a really good swimmer. I’m fast, I have great form and I’ve been asked numerous times by complete strangers if I’m a professional swimmer (which was quite the compliment!) but the one thing I cannot do: flip turns. I hate them. I hated them as a kid, I was never good at it, and so I stopped. I was never on a formal swim team as a kid except for Synchronized Swim Team. Why do I hate the flip turn? It makes me dizzy, nauseous and disoriented.

*Not My Pic

Well last night at the pool I decided I needed to just try it. What’s the big deal, right? It’s been 15 years since I tried it, maybe I’d be good at it as an adult. Mmm not so much. I wanted to try it in the deep end of the pool (just in case) and every time I swam towards the deep end I lost my nerve and couldn’t do it. Dang! When did I become such a wuss?? I finally gave it a try and attempted the Flip Turn. It wasn’t graceful. I was too far from the wall, and I did feel dizzy and disoriented. But I tried it. I think I can try again. Tomorrow when I go swimming I’m going to try again!

QUESTION: Can you flip turn?

I had a great swim otherwise. I was fast and didn’t get tired. When I got home, Michael was making fajitas for dinner! Sweet!

I chopped the olives, cleaned and prepared the fresh lettuce.

Michael makes the BEST fajitas. And of course, awesome guacamole. I also saw that he got some ice cream for dessert! I had a debate in my head: “Do I drink a beer with dinner or do I have dessert? Because I can’t do both.” Ice cream won. But truthfully, ice cream always wins in my book!

The fajitas turned out pretty great. I put some pinto beans in chili sauce in mine with the lettuce, light sour cream, guacamole, salsa, olives and the fajitas mix. Delicious!


And for dessert I ate about 1 and 1/4 serving of the Ben and Jerry’s Heath Bar Vanilla. It was so heavenly! There are 4 servings in the carton.In the old days, I would have eaten all 4 servings at once.

I slept in until almost 10am Saturday morning. It felt great to sleep. I drank my Atkins Shake and headed to the gym. I did about 50 minutes of Speed Intervals on the stair-master. I fluctuated between level 6-10. It was hard but it felt good.

Stair Master

I did a cool-down for about 5 minutes, then switched to the Fat Burner setting for about 10 minutes. By that point, I was spent. I headed over to the weights and did some ab work and my arms. I didn’t spend a lot of time doing weights today because I just didn’t have it in me. I burned 708 calories!

Breakfast was a Bagel Thin with light cream cheese, an Anjour Pear, and the new Vitamin Water Zero. I didn’t like the Zero version. It has an “off” taste to me.


I am off to run errands and later tonight is a Bachelorette Party for my friend Erika! 🙂

QUESTION: What’s your favorite machine at the gym?


6 responses to “I Don’t Do Flip Turns

  1. I love the stairmaster! I want one in my home gym but so far the hubs isn’t agreeing with me! haha!

  2. Hi! I’ve been reading for a few weeks now, really like your blog. I was curious about your watch though. The green one in the picture in this post. What kind is it that it can give you all of that information? If you could tell me what kind it is, I will go look it up and maybe get one!


    • It’s a Polar Heart Rate monitor.

    • The Boyfriend

      We have the Polar F6 HRM. It’s a basic model that estimates the calories you’ve burned based on your statistics. There are more sophisticated models out there that have GPS and can track performance based on activity (run/hike/bike/etc) that may be better depending on what your goals are.

  3. i love heath bar in ice cream. yummmmmmy!

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