Potluck Anxiety

Today at work there’s a potluck for lunch. I usually don’t participate in these things because I feel like I can’t eat most of the food. It’s a goofy food issue, I know. I just get anxious about how many calories I’m eating. I didn’t make the food, I don’t know how many calories are in what I’m eating, and it’s always really tasty stuff — which means there’s a risk of overeating.

I brought some Biscotti and sliced a few oranges.

Someone else brought pizza, and a few people also brought Fried Chicken from Popeye’s!

Strawberry salad. MMmmm! I love my coworker’s strawberry salad because it’s so crunchy. I MUST get the recipe so I can recreate it. šŸ™‚

Of course, the dessert table is out of control!

I saw a tiny piece of pizza and I snagged that. I got 1 piece of chicken. 1 scoop of hummus, 1 scoop of artichoke dip, a few crackers, 1 scoop of coleslaw, and 1 scoop of mashed potatoes. My goal was to just have a taste of everything I wanted to try and not go overboard.

After I ate that stuff, I got some of the strawberry salad and a slice of watermelon. Wonderful! I haven’t decided yet if I’m going to resist the desserts or have a bite.

On another note, I wrote a short review of my new running shorts over on my Product Reviews Page. Check it out!

QUESTION: Do you like potlucks? Do you feel pressured to eat things you wouldn’t normally eat? How do you deal with that?

UPDATE: I went back for some more Strawberry salad and gave in…I had a taste of the key lime pie and the chocolate pie!!!


8 responses to “Potluck Anxiety

  1. I do like potlucks but totally hear you on being afraid of overeating and not sure what is in stuff. I usually approach it the same way I would a normal buffet – walk around and see what there is, and then go back and pick out some of each of what I want. I try not to go back for seconds but it is HARD. Also, I always try to bring something that I love thats healthy so I know I can stock up on that and just have some tastes of the other maybe less-healthy things.

  2. If I know there is going to be a potluck I plan in advance. I leave that day for more of a “cheat day” so I can enjoy and not worry. The dessert table is my weakness.

  3. Potlucks can certainly be hard – particularly with my wheat allergy. I always make sure to take a healthy dish that I can eat – so if there is nothing else I can at least eat that….

  4. Ah food days – we have these 4 times a year at work but never quite that spread. We usually have a theme too and it helps that a lot of people are trying to eat healthy in my office. I’ve come to terms with it though and decided, 4x a year, I’m going to just go with the flow and enjoy the day. Sadly, I’m the worst in bringing food because I love to bake so I usually bring cookies and let the boys eat them.

  5. SO MANY DAYS when I lament working from home I recall the days of potlucks and birthday celebrations.
    I didnt mind when it was stuff I ADORED (happy to indulge in moderation –especially with the cake :)) it was the stuff I didnt love (hello carrot cake!) that people would presss presss preessss on me and usually Id cave and eat.


  6. I’m honestly not a fan of potlucks. Not because of the calories or anything like that but because I am kind of anal about hands being washed and all that.

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