Soggy Run

Today’s run was very, very soggy.

Work stress lead me to go for a run outside today even  though the weather report was nasty. I decided to head out a few minutes early because the afternoon called for thundershowers. Definitely wanted to miss that!


The temperature outside wasn’t ungodly cold. It was actually just the right temperature. The rain was steady but not too bad for most of it. I just put my head down and ran. I ignored the puddles that were soaking my shoes, and ignored the fact that my legs were getting covered in mud. Yuck!


My time was pretty great for being so nasty out. I went the opposite direction than I normally do and I got to the Steel Bridge just as it was going up! Dang, talk about timing. This time I was smart enough to pause my Nike+ so my time would be accurate. Luckily I didn’t have to wait too long. At this point it was raining a lot harder.

Steel Bridge

I got back to the office just as the downpour got worse. These markings on my jacket are NOT sweat. It’s rain. And my hat was soaked.

Soggy and Wet

But I was happy about my time!

Today’s Stats:

Time: 31:02

Calories Burned: 424

Nike+ Pace: 9’06

My lunch was a cup of Progresso Garden Vegetable soup. 90 calories a serving. It was delicious and perfect after the rainy run! I also ate 2 Ak-Mok crackers.

One of the things I love about running the Esplanade downtown is that I can really see how my time is improving.

Some tips for running in the rain:

1. Wear a hat. It keeps the rain off your face and you will be less miserable.

2. Wear sunglasses–even if it’s not sunny. I did today and it made all the difference. No rain in my eyes!

3. Wear old shoes. I didn’t do this and I’m back at the office in soggy shoes. 😦

4. Wear a jacket/rain jacket if you want to keep the rain off. But honestly, the rain felt kind of good.

5. Be careful. Don’t run if there’s thunder and lightning. And be careful you don’t slip and fall. The pavement was really slippery!

6. Finally, take a hot shower as soon as you’re done and don’t sit in wet clothes!

QUESTION: Are you a fair-weather runner? Or are you tough (not like me) and run in all weather?


17 responses to “Soggy Run

  1. I am running this afternoon with a friend, and not looking forward to it, because I only like to run in sun about 65 degrees. I know, too picky for the Pacific Northwest.

  2. I actually like running in the rain as long as there is no wind. I always feel tough when I run in the rain.

  3. oh my – girl you are hard-core!!!!

  4. I’d be happy if I could make myself run in any weather! I gave running a go but quit after like a month of trying. So lame! Well done for getting out there despite the rain!

  5. At least you went! Running in the rain is fun if it’s warm out!

  6. wow! you run on your lunch break? in the RAIN and then put your work clothes back on and go back to work all sweaty??? i am impressed. i am a huge huge baby compared to you!

  7. I love my running, but I like to enjoy it and not feel soggy! I’m impressed with your rainy day run though!

  8. I like to run in the rain too because it makes me feel hardcore, as well! I actually took my dog running in the drizzle/rain on Monday in San Francisco and I think people thought I was mis-treating her, but she loved it 🙂

    I also agree with the hat tip — makes literally ALL the difference! Also, one thing you can do if you want to wear your normal shoes is to put newspaper in them to help dry them out@

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