The Aftermath

I woke up Monday morning expecting to be sore. Sometimes the soreness can kick in Day 2 after an event. However, no soreness on Monday either! I drank an Atkins shake and headed to the gym to try out my new running shorts from REI.

New Shorts

The new shorts were pretty great. They fit well, didn’t ride up. The only downside is that using them at the gym was too hot. I think they’d be better for running outside. I did 45 minutes on the stair-master at the gym and then did some weights and ab work. Calories burned: 525.

After the gym, Michael and I took my friend Star out to lunch to thank her for her help with Reach the Beach. We took her to one of our favorite restaurants in Portland, Papa Haydn’s.

I had a diet coke and I ordered the Cubano sandwich. It was pulled pork with jalapenos, pancetta, and melted cheese. Delicious! I ordered the side salad to go with it.


It was delicious! I love their salads too. Mine had nuts and pears on it. Mmmm. I was so stuffed after that sandwich I didn’t even consider getting dessert (which Papa Haydn’s is famous for). Here’s a few desserts I resisted:


After lunch, we took my bike to the shop to get fixed. They put on a little plastic doo-dad that cost $10 and will keep me from throwing the chain again. I hope it works! I’m glad my bike is fixed and it wasn’t anything horrible.

Last night we got another massage. This time it was 90 minutes! And heavenly. I was not sore from Reach the Beach–surprisingly–and I wasn’t stiff either. While my masseuse was working on me, he did find some knots in my hamstrings, back, glutes and shoulders. He really got in deep and there were a few moments it was excruciating! It felt great though.

QUESTION: Was there an event you competed in recently? How do you feel you did?


6 responses to “The Aftermath

  1. awesome! I like no pain 🙂

  2. wow so great that you’re still pain free!

  3. Hey I just found your blog and have to say you have done so well and look amazing. I’m going to go and have a nose through some of your older posts now 🙂

  4. your shorts look great! I a lot of times and more sore the second day after as well!

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