Reach the Beach is this Saturday. Today is Thursday. I am so excited!

Reach the Beach

After months of training, flat tires, bike crashes, sore butts, sore bodies, one sunburn, and fund-raising….the ride is almost here!

This is where we will be sometime Saturday evening:

Haystack Rock

Feet sunk into the sand, bodies tired but happy, and stomachs full of food. YAY! The weather is predicted to be sunny and 75 degrees. I couldn’t be happier!

In preparation of the ride, I will not be exercising today or tomorrow. I got a massage last night to loosen up my legs. Tomorrow night I will clean my bike and pack my GUs.

During lunch today I took a slow stroll to Northwest Portland to get some new biking gloves. It’s absolutely gorgeous outside and HOT. I walked by Powell’s Books.

Powell's City of Books

And Deschutes Brewery Pub:

I Want Beer

I wonder why Portland is named the #2 Biking City in America?

Typical Downtown Corner

I made it to REI in Northwest to do some shopping.


After trying on a bunch of different brands, I settled on this:

Padded Cycling Gloves

I’ve never heard of this brand but they felt good and had decent padding. They were $25. More expensive than I’d planned to spend, but we’re down to the wire now. I headed back to the office.


QUESTION: What is something you are anticipating?


8 responses to “Anticipation

  1. You will have such a great time! Enjoy yourself and take lots of pictures.

  2. That beach looks beautiful! Best of luck this weekend.
    I love beautiful days, it is gorgeous here in Seattle too. I just want to be outside, already gardened, took a walk, going to run later…..Love It!

  3. I wish you all the very best for the weekend 🙂 I just KNOW that you are going to rock this event!!!

  4. and now its TOMORROW! 🙂
    have a great time.

  5. My boyfriend sells books for a living + he is always talking about Powell Books! I should take him there sometime 🙂

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