Pesto Delish Dish

Dinner was for one this Sunday night. The BF wasn’t hungry and I made dinner for myself. While I was cooking, I ate my strawberries.


I had a Trader Joe’s Belle Mer: Alaskan Salmon stuffed with a savory blend of long grain rice, surimi crab meat, Monterrey jack cheese, bay shrimp and seasonings. It’s in the frozen section of Trader Joe’s and it’s only 340 calories. It’s a nice thing to have on hand in the freezer for nights you really don’t want to put forth much effort. I made some Gnocchi too and topped it with pesto.

Pesto in Bulk!

Here is my dinner and it was delicious:


I’ve been watching Season 3 of Mad Men. I’m on the season finale (it’s great). Not really looking forward to Monday. But who is?

Julie over at Pickley Pear picked my number for her Giveaway! Awesome. I can’t wait to try the Gnu Bars. πŸ™‚ And on a side note, if any companies want to send me stuff to giveaway I’d love to have my own contest!

I came in a little over my calories for today but I’m not beating myself up over it. First, I swam today. Second, I burned an INSANE amount of calories yesterday–and wasn’t even able to eat all of those burned calories no matter how hard I tried. Lastly, Reach the Beach is in 6 days. 6 days! I’m excited, nervous, and also wishing I had taken this Friday off from work to relax. Oh well. I know for next time!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


8 responses to “Pesto Delish Dish

  1. How many calories do you try to eat a day?

  2. Funny how calories always balance out. That’s why I never freak out anymore when I overeat one day, because chances are I won’t be as hungry the next day and eat less! Our bodies (usually) know what’s going on πŸ˜‰

    That salmon sounds goooood.

  3. i love LOVE pesto…so much flavor and it’s so versatile!

  4. Do you use your pesto quickly or freeze it or anything? I never buy it because I’m afraid it will go bad before I use it all!

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