Green Monster Attempt

For breakfast this morning, I made Michael and I Amazing Meal shakes.

For Michael’s shake, I used the Original flavor and added:
1/2 container plain Greek yogurt
3/4 banana

For mine, I used the chocolate flavor Amazing Meal. I added:
1/2 container plain Greek yogurt
Whole banana

Green Monster

Blended them individually in my Magic Bullet.

Since Michael doesn’t like bananas or strawberries, I went light on the banana and omitted strawberries from his. More for me!

Delicious Breakfast

I really enjoyed my chocolate Amazing meal. It was delicious and very thick. It was also very filling. I went to the pool, had a great swim, and then ran a bunch of errands and was still full!

QUESTION: Have you ever tried to make your own “Green Monster”?


4 responses to “Green Monster Attempt

  1. I want a magic bullet. It looks much more convenient than using a big blender.

  2. Green Monsters are the best! I make mine with Milk, banana and spinach – sometimes I add Amazing Grass Choc Superfood and use choc milk. It’s like a Chocolate Banana shake. The color isn’t great but it tastes fab!

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