Getting Ready to Ride

Breakfast this morning was the other half of my sandwich from last night! Weird, I know. Somehow, a few fries snuck into the doggie bag.


I drank an Emergen-C with breakfast. I am determined to feign off any possible illnesses before Reach the Beach next weekend. So far it seems to be a pattern before my races that I get a nasty cold (or even worse, the flu) right before a race. Not this time!

I’m working my way through another glass of ice water before the ride. I filled up two of my water bottles too. I split the GU Brew between the two bottles for the ride. It’s an absolute GORGEOUS day out in Portland today! It’s supposed to be sunny all day with a high of 67. I can’t wait to ride!

GU Brew

I packed my bag full of the GUs and protein bars. The BF is being awesome and attached a new light to my bike AND a mirror! 🙂

Enjoy your Saturday! 🙂


One response to “Getting Ready to Ride

  1. Hope your ride went well! I still haven’t tried that GU Brew but I’ve seen it around.

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