Bike Route-Attempt #2

Last night we drove the Reach the Beach route again. This time was much better. Michael had printed out specific Google map directions and we didn’t get lost this time.

The roads were just as hilly and scary as the ones we saw on Monday.

But since we had a better map, it was much faster and less stressful. Michael is worried about the hills. I’m worried about his safety because of the lack of bike lanes…I am ready for Reach the Beach to be over with!

Afterward, we drove toward home and stopped at Osaka-Ya Sushi on SW Macadam. It was not great sushi. I was pretty disappointed at how boring and plain it was.


It didn’t satisfy my craving either. I wish we had gone to a different restaurant and gotten the waffles I was craving instead! The miso soup was pretty good though.

Miso Soup

The service was bad, the sushi wasn’t creative in any way. I would not go back to this place.

When we got home, I ate the rest of that Ghiradelli dark chocolate bar for dessert and crashed into bed.


While we were driving the route last night (I was navigating not driving) I tried to participate in the #fitblog chat on Twitter. I was only half paying attention but it was pretty fun–lots of  good questions. One of which I want to ask here.

Breakfast this morning was scrambled eggs with 2 turkey sausage links. My mid-morning snack today is an anjou pear. I love pears.

QUESTION: How do you track your food and exercise? Are you consistent?


13 responses to “Bike Route-Attempt #2

  1. glad you had a less stressful bike ride!
    i used to vigilantly count calories, but have stopped doing that for close to six weeks now (but who’s counting?!). i used to just write them in a spiral notebook and then tally the average at the end of each month to look for patterns.

    i track my workouts in the runner’s world training log. for me though, it’s the same thing week after week, with a variation here and there.

  2. I was just craving sushi and want some for lunch and see you had some for dinner, mmmmm!

  3. I’ve been craving sushi too! I think that it’s a must for this week! I don’t really track my eats, but I’ve been seriously considering it. I’ve started to notice certain foods make me feel bad so journaling would be a way to get a better feel on that!

  4. Mmm i LOVE sushi and miso soup – sorry yours disappointed!

    I keep track of my food and exercise by blogging… very consistently. I used to track with WW and I need to get back to that to lose the last few pounds because I’ve just been maintaining.

  5. I track with – it’s fairly easy to use once you get used to it. I keep track pretty much every day, although I am trying to go without tracking 1 or 2 days a week to see what happens.

  6. I track my food faithfully on my blog. I don’t log amounts, but I do log “what”.

    I’m sorry that you didn’t have a brilliant sushi experience–sushi can be so extraordinary.

  7. I track my exercise using an online spreadsheet through Buck Eye Outdoors.

  8. Boo for the bad sushi! It stinks when you crave something and then it is sucky.

    I use my bugg to track everything and I use measure up bowls to measure things.

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