Rainy Run

Today’s run was cold, wet, and not very exciting. I didn’t come close to my awesome time like last Wednesday’s Run: http://wp.me/pRrTx-mr. I guess I was just feeling a bit tired today. I still had a pretty good run and ended up going the long way. The last 10 minutes of the run was the wettest and it started to rain pretty hard.

Rainy Day

Today’s Run Stats:

Time: 36:44

Calories Burned: 433

When I got back to the office, I took a hot shower and made some mint tea. The tea was wonderful and warmed me up!

Hot Tea

The bruise has gotten darker. I hope that means it will be gone soon!

My lunch today is a Black Forest Ham sandwich (on Sandwich Thins) with a slice of Swiss cheese and baby spinach. I have baby carrots and light Ranch dressing too.

I drank lots of water today AND I did a lot of stretching. Trying hard to reach my May goals!

Tonight we are going to attempt to find the Reach the Beach route again!

QUESTION: Are you a coffee or a tea drinker?


18 responses to “Rainy Run

  1. I used to be a bigtime coffee drinker but recently i’ve switched over to tea. I like how many flavors there are and since I’ve weened myself off coffee I find I don’t depend on the caffeine – which is definitely a good thing!

  2. ouch that bruise looks nasty 😦
    I am not a big drinker of either – but I do like green tea and the occasional soy latte πŸ™‚

  3. oh wow. mint tea. haven’t had that since I was a child. Think I’ll be going to get some today, thanx

  4. I love iced tea. I’d drink it forever if sleep weren’t such an important lifestyle factor… Coffee is great, too- but I only like it with creamer, so I’ve been trying to keep it to a minimum.

  5. Owie on that bruise!

    I drink both tea and coffee, but coffee is my true love! I drink it unsweetened, but with milk.

  6. I am traditionally a hardcore coffee drinker, and plenty nerdy about it; however lately I’ve switched over to unsweetened teas and tisanes, and I like them just fine–always have.

    Your bruise is spectacular!

    And you know, when you say “I still had a pretty good run and ended up going the long way,” I think to myself “that really is exciting because it means that she’s dedicated to this, and that’s unusual.”

  7. OMG, your poor body… how did you get that bruise?

  8. hi! thank you for your comment on my blog! tea is the perfect thing after a cold, rainy run, no? even still, i have the hardest step actually taking that first step out into the cold rain. brr.

  9. I am a coffee gal! I drink 2 cups every morning. But I make my coffee REALLY week. Usually I brew 4 cups and only use 1 scoop of coffee! haha! Keith says really I am just drinking coffee flavored water! πŸ™‚

  10. Sounds like youre doing awesome at achieving your goals! I really need a good stretch today, my legs have been sore from biking. Not to mention my toosh!

  11. I’m both! I love a good pot of coffee in the morning – I drink a cup with J on the liani after my workout then a cup on my ride then a cup in the office. My fav is is Illy Dark Roast Whole Bean.

    In the afternoon I switch to tea. Earl Gray, Chocolate Carmel Chai and of course Green!

    Of course I drink a lot of water during course of a day as well just to stay hydrated.

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