What I Learned This Weekend

*Not My Pic

This is essentially the scene of the accident. Luckily, I fell on some grass like the picture above. I learned a few things from this weekend’s ride:

1. I am thankful to have PADDING in my body that softened the blow. It’s easy to forget that we are NOT indestructible creatures and biking can be dangerous. I will not hate my fat ever again. 😉

2. I can TOTALLY bike 40 miles in one day. I did it on Saturday and besides the bruises, I feel pretty darn good!

3. I KNOW I can complete Reach the Beach! It’s 12 days away and I’m feeling excited and motivated.

4. Eating GUs and proteins WORKS. Although we were exhausted when we got home from the bike ride, the GUs really did work to give us boosts of energy.

Check out this website on bicycle safety: http://bicyclesafe.com/

Monday, Monday….

For lunch, I ate my ham sandwich on a Sandwich Thin with some carrots and cauliflower. I had some Light Kraft Ranch dressing too. After I ate, I went for a 45 minute walk to try and loosen up my legs.


Michael and I chatted about our Low-Carb week plan and we agree it might not be necessary. Not only that, if we are going to bike this weekend we need to have the energy to do so. We revised our plan to be Low Carbs at the beginning of next week and then carb-loading for 3 days before the ride. Let’s hope it works!

I decided to make a few Goals for May. Just a few things that I want to improve.

1. Complete Reach the Beach.

2. Drink more water. Consistently. Every Day.

3. Use sunscreen every time I bike/walk/run outside.

4. Become more flexible. Achieve this by stretching after EVERY activity and including yoga into my weekly routine.

QUESTION: Do you have any goals/”resolutions” for the month of May?


21 responses to “What I Learned This Weekend

  1. My May goals are to be better about my water intake! With it getting hotter outside I need to be better about making sure I get enough!

  2. You can *totally* bike forty miles in one day! Wootwoot!

  3. Thanks for checking out my blog! What an amazing accomplishment, to completely change your lifestyle and get healthy! So inspirational. Keep it up 🙂

  4. Glad to hear that you weren’t serioulsy hurt. You will rock the beach ride I am sure!

  5. Congrats on your accomplishments…..doesn’t it feel great! I was trying to figure out why you were doing something low-carb with so much activity going on. Is this just to balance out the carbo load or for another reason?

    • Supposedly…if someone is going to carb-load for a run/bike race, it’s recommended to reduce your intake of carbs, and then carb load right before the race. I just don’t think we could reduce the carbs and still work out!

  6. We are most definitely fragile creatures! Glad that you are ok 🙂
    I 100% support your sunscreen goal – it is so imperative. Again, we’re fragile. I learned the hard way!
    I highly recommend getting a foam roller if you don’t have one – it has done wonders for my own hip flexibility!
    Some of my goals included changing snack times, get body fat tested, quit my job & incorporate Janetha’s plyo every day!

  7. Wow, biking 40 miles is a feat! And you are right. Gu’s doing taste so great, but they do the trick!!

  8. I am trying to drink more water too. My diet coke addiction is out of hand. The only thing about water is that I am honestly in the bathroom half the day. At night I am up every hour. Good for you using sunscreen. I am trying to be better about it. Now that I am 30 I doing it more for vanity (no more wrinkles) than skin cancer. Whatever gets me to use it!

    • Kellie,

      You need to do wahtever you can to break the diet coke addiction. I did a test on myself last year of trying to lose weight (2 equal periods, one with diet coke and one without).

      The difference was immense, I lost weight so much easier without the diet coke but most worryingly during the ‘with coke’ test the weight came back on so quickly if I didn’t train.

      If you can kick the habit for a week, you’ll have it licked for good.

  9. you are such an inspiration! Keep working hard girl! I’m so glad I found your blog!!!

  10. Nice work on biking 40 miles!!! You are going to be SO ready for Reach the Beach. How did you like Lucky Lab? I’ve only been there once and wasn’t all that impressed, besides the dog part. 🙂

  11. I like the ‘Goals for May’ concept, very nice!

  12. i think it’s great that you found the silver lining and realized your amazing accomplishments!
    and yes, water is key, especially with the warmer weather. good luck on your may goals!
    my goals for may are to just stay on course with eating intuitively, honoring my hunger and hopefully maintaining my weight at my monthly weigh-in in a couple of weeks.

  13. I just read your blog for the first time and went back to read about your accident. I can so identify! Last summer I had both a fender bender, literally, with my husband. And a long, slow fall on wet pavement that left me sore and bruised. I am very jealous of your rides right now since I broke a bone (skiing) and can’t ride. I am totally missing the best riding weather of the year here!

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