You Know You’re a Runner When….

You know you’re a runner when….

1) You have a favorite flavor of GU.

2) You’ve spent more than $10 on a pair of socks.

3) You plan vacations around races in the area.

4) You have more running shoes than heels.

5) You pick your stroller and car seat based on jogging capability and maneuverability.

6) You have more sports bras than regular bras.

7) You become an expert weather predictor so you can plan when you run based on the most favorable conditions. (Totally me!)

8) When you go on vacation you pack a second suitcase with just running clothes.

9) Your dog knows what he’s in for as soon as you put your socks on.

10) You cry any time you see a marathon start on television, because you know how hard all those people have worked to get there.

11) You’ve said the words “This is gonna be brutal” with a smile of anticipation on your face.

12) You think about and analyze what you’ll do when pregnant for running but aren’t even married. (Um yeah, I confess I do!!)

13) You scrapbook your races.

14) You always have bananas in your house.

15) Every facebook post has something to do with your training or updates on how your last race went.

QUESTION: What are your “You know you’re a runner when…”?


10 responses to “You Know You’re a Runner When….

  1. love that! and yup, i’d say you are a runner!

  2. That is so funny. I was shopping last night and bought more gym and running clothes than clothes I actually need. If I have on “normal clothes” my family thinks I am dressing up.

  3. LOVE this! Way too many of those are true for me =)

  4. hahaha I love the banana one!

  5. I love this post. It reminds me of the fact that I love cardio, and not so much running. Running does not thrill me, but I can definitely see why people love it. The only one I fit, is always having a banana in my house. But I LOVE bananas, so that doesn’t really count! Your story is awesome, by the way!

  6. When you rather go for a run than have sex?

  7. haha I don’t do many of those things so I guess I’m not a runner.

    and oh, in regards to the post above—give me sex any day over running! haha

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