The Gu-Off Is Beginning

I was contacted by a gentleman from a Sports Marketing company who wanted to throw his GU into the running. The swag arrived today. I am very excited to try the products. If everything goes as planned for tomorrow, we are going to try to bike 50 miles.


Most of the “GUs” say to ingest the product about every 30-45 minutes of intense exercise. Michael and I also purchased “Bento Boxes” for our bikes. I had never heard that term before, another blogger mentioned the name. An search later and we found the awesome little packs for our bikes! They will hold a small camera, a cellphone, and protein bars.

Intense GUs!

And he also sent 2 of each flavor to try:

He also sent some recovery shake mixes and some energy powder to put in our water bottles. I’m REALLY excited to try those!

Lots of Goodies

I will post a fair and honest review of all the GUs we try in our quest for the perfect biking fuel. Now, I am off to meet friends for pizza, beer, and death metal (oh boy!)!


3 responses to “The Gu-Off Is Beginning

  1. I am afraid to try GUs. I love coconut water when I ride.

  2. damn girl, you scored a lot of great swag! have fun with it!
    if i’m not mistaken, you are supposed to drink fluids with the gu, so please double-check. don’t want you to get tummy issues. πŸ™‚

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