Experimenting With GU

Yesterday during lunch I walked to REI in the Pearl District to buy a bunch of “fuel” for our bike rides. We are fairly new to the whole “GU” thing and in the past we usually just ate protein bars on bike rides and long hikes.

Apparently if you buy 12 or more bars or “GU” at REI they are hugely discounted! I totally scored yesterday. $13 later…check out what I got:

Peanut Butter Packets

I had one of the peanut butter packets with my banana for snack and it was REALLY filling. I’m excited about these new packets.

New Stuff

I’ve never seen or heard of FORZE bars before. And the PowerBar Gel is supposed to be a lot like Gatorade.

Shot Bloks

All the stuff I got is “new” to us. We’ve never tried any of it. It will be quite the experiment to find out what works!

Sports Beans

I believe it was Beth at Beth’s Journey to Thin who suggested Sports Beans. I am really excited to try these! So is Michael.


The GUs are kinda like eating frosting. It’s a little weird, but athletes swear by them.

New Bar

Hopefully the weather this weekend holds up so we can go for a 50 mile bike ride. THAT’S THE PLAN! Come on, weather! Cooperate!

Once we figure out which GU or bar works, we’re going to stock up on that for Reach the Beach.

Speaking of weather….The report states THUNDER and LIGHTNING at noon today. Dammit. Just in time for my run. 😦


11 responses to “Experimenting With GU

  1. GL trying out the fuel. I am not a fan or the foroze bars, and I eat the GU brand goo. sometimes I eat sport beans. I dont like the bloks, they get stuck in my teeth and have a bad taste (to me) you may love them! GL

  2. Yea the sports beans are the bomb!! πŸ™‚ My favorite is the lemon-lime kind. SO good and really easy to eat on the go!

  3. Did we get any of those lemon-lime willies? I got dibs on those if you did. That’s totally my flavor.

  4. I swear by Luna Moons. They are the best. I’ve kind of overdone it on Gu and I can’t stomach it anymore.

  5. Hi Lisa-

    I’m glad to hear you are rocking out with your fastest run yet- what a satisfying day! I wanted to make sure that our client, GU Energy is accounted for in your GU-off, so give me a shout and I’ll send a big ol’ package of GU your way!



  6. love those justins packs! Youve gotta try the maple almond. it’s SO good.

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