What An Ugly Run

I wasn’t really “feeling” my run today. I wasn’t sore from yesterday’s bike ride. But I just didn’t have a run in me today. Of course, I realized this AFTER I was 1/4 mile into my run. Too late to turn back! I kept going.

I ran most of the way. I walked 3 times for about 30 seconds or so each time. I hate walking part of the Esplanade. It feels like a failure. Which is stupid, I know.

The strange thing…I had a great run time! What is up with that?!

Today’s Stats:

Time: 34:40

Calories Burned: 436

I have no idea what happened today. But I got a run in and I feel better for that. The temperature outside was perfect for running. It was 60 degrees and very overcast. I didn’t wear my jacket but I did put sunscreen on my shoulders and arms just in case. I love the smell of sunscreen. 🙂

For lunch I had a ham and Swiss sandwich on Sandwich Thins with some veggies and ranch dressing.

It looks like I just miss the rain too! Lucky timing!

QUESTION: If you’re not “feeling” a workout, do you keep going or give up?


10 responses to “What An Ugly Run

  1. I keep going with workouts when I am not feeling it as long as it isn’t because it’s painful. I love the saying that you always regret *not* doing a workout, but you never regret doing one.

  2. I try to keep going with my workouts on ‘those’ days – but it can be hard. Normally I call Mr BBB at lunch and ask if he will join me for a run after work – then I am locked in and can’t get out of it. And, as they say, you never regret a workout but you can regret NOT working out 😉

  3. haha I just read Lori’s comment after I posted mine….great minds think alike 😉

  4. Some people swear by taking walking breaks on runs and it is faster for them (officially the Galloway method, have you heard of it?). I usually never want to start running again though ;). A run/walk is better than staying home!

  5. Oh my gosh! You have done such an amazing job! Keep bringing it. Stop by my site if you get a chance Fitness Achievement

  6. I can’t stop just because I don’t feel great – I wouldn’t get a lot of running in! Most of the time, it gets better after a mile or two. Hope you get to Big Sur someday!

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