Ways to Cut Out 100 Calories

My Nutritionist suggested cutting about 100-250 calories a day to lose weight. Just a few ideas:

1. Have salsa with your tortilla chips instead of guacamole or sour cream. Avocados are packed full of good things for us, but they are also packed full of calories.

2. Skip the croutons and Craisins from your salad. If you miss the crunchiness of croutons, add carrots.

3. Eating out? Ask the waiter not to put the basket of bread on the table.

4. If you’re eating a sandwich, try having half a sandwich and a cup of soup instead of a whole sandwich.

5. Love cheese? Try having a really powerful cheese (like feta or blue) and you’ll eat less of it.

6. Instead of chips and dip, have veggies with Tzatziki dip instead.

7. Drink non-fat milk instead of whole milk.

8. Getting coffee at Starbucks? Skip the pastry and ask for your coffee to be “skinny.”

9. Skip the regular sodas, Vitamin Waters, and Iced Teas and have Sparkling water instead.

10.  Instead of having fries with your meal, order a salad with dressing on the side.

11. Eating a taco salad? Don’t eat the shell.

12. Steam veggies instead of sauteeing them in oil.

13. Eat plain Cheerios instead of granola.

14. Sugar free applesauce tastes just as great as the regular applesauce!

15. Don’t “sample” or “taste” during cooking.

16. Ask for a Rum and diet coke at happy hour instead of a regular.

17. Use mustard instead of mayo on your sandwich.

18. Use light cottage cheese in dishes instead of ricotta.

19. Eat the Weight Watcher 100 calorie popcorn instead of buttery, movie threatre popcorn.

20. BEFORE eating out, google the restaurant’s menu and compare calories.

Anyone else have suggestions and tips they use?


2 responses to “Ways to Cut Out 100 Calories

  1. Absolutely great ideas!

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