Relationships Are About Compromises

When I got home from work last night I was exhausted. Michael was tired. Neither of us wanted to cook. His suggestion was pizza (of course :)).  I’ve mentioned before that pizza is one of my “trigger foods” and I try to limit how much of it I eat. But we’ve discovered a way to compromise so we’re both happy. Papa Murphy’s has a deLite Pepperoni pizza that is 170 calories a serving! Perfect!

Take And Bake

I’ve never been a fan of thin crust before but I really love this pizza! I added sliced olives to the top. I ate 3 pieces and I did not feel guilty about it at all!


This morning I had half of a breakfast sandwich. It sort of looked like this:

Breakfast Sandwich

Scrambled egg, a dash of shredded cheese, and a sliced turkey sausage. It looks huge but it’s not. It’s about 340 calories for the whole sandwich. This morning I had this minus the top half of the English Muffin. It’s very delicious and filling!

My morning snack was an orange.


My afternoon snack will be my Fiber One bar. I have plans with a friend to meet at the gym after work and do weights. I’m looking forward to it!


9 responses to “Relationships Are About Compromises

  1. That is great about Papa Murphy’s…I had no idea!! Sweet!

  2. Pizza is definitely one of my trigger foods. I ordered Domino’s the other night and got a thin crust with no cheese, and the whole pizza only had 765 calories and it was REALLY good. I was famished so I ate the whole thing which I’ll try not to do again, but I would definitely get that pizza again!

  3. Great looking egg breakfast 🙂 And have with the weights session!

  4. Pizza is my trigger food too. Thanks for the Papa John’s tip. I’m just starting so I don’t think I’m strong enough to tempt fate at this point, but maybe as a 10 lb. reward, when I’m “70 to go”! Thanks for the motivation!

  5. Way to tackle one of your fear foods and come up with a great solution. I like Palermo’s frozen thin crust pizza. I eat half, and I think the nutritional info is reasonable.

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