Favorite Hiking Memories


Last summer, Michael and I drove to Central Oregon to camp for the weekend near John Day, Oregon. It was quite the drive from Portland. Through Mt. Hood Forest, through countryside and finally the desert.

Driving to the Painted Hills

The Painted Hills

I loved the campground we stayed at. It was very rustic. And that weekend was quite the adventure. We tried to bike the remote road leading to the Painted Hills and were shot at!! But that’s a story for another day.

Painted Hills


Multnomah Falls is a gorgeous hike right off the highway. The Gorge is pretty picturesque anyways, but this spot is pretty amazing. No wonder is super popular! Year round, tourists visit Multnomah Falls–rain or shine or snow or sleet they visit. It’s a short hike, about 1 mile, but it’s STRAIGHT UP. It is a fantastic workout.

Multnomah Falls

Michael and I were hiking this pretty regularly because it’s short and intense. We improved on our time and perfected the correct breakfast to eat beforehand. 🙂 It’s NOT pancakes!


Silverfalls State Park is South of Portland, near Mt. Angel. It’s a pretty drive, but somewhat long because it’s so winding. There are tons of trails, mountain biking trails, hikes, campgrounds, and cool things to see. Check it out here:


Silverfalls From the Bottom


Eagle Creek is a wonderful hike in the Gorge (near Bridge of the Gods).

Eagle Creek

It’s very beautiful hiking along the river, then heading into the woods. There are a few scary parts where the trail narrows a LOT and the cliffs are scary!

Eagle Creek

Eagle Creek Trail

We’ve done this hike several times. It’s a great, long hike and good exercise. The elevation is slow but it’s there. Last time we hiked it, we packed a picnic lunch. It was fun (and romantic :)).


I wish I could remember the name of this hike. It’s right next to Eagle Creek. Park at the same lot and just walk in the opposite direction over a bridge. This hike was nice because there was no one else on it. The elevation was more intense but doable.

Lonely Trail


We saw a snake! And then, we turned a corner on the trail and suddenly there was a deer!


She was quite curious about us and got REALLY close to use. We shared the trail with her for several minutes. We weren’t sure what to do so we waited until she decided to scamper off.

That was pretty exciting!

QUESTION: What is your favorite hiking memory?


10 responses to “Favorite Hiking Memories

  1. What beautiful pictures. I can’t wait until my kids are a little older so we all can go hiking. I know this is the wrong post, but I had a question for you regarding your nutritionist appt. Did she tell you to eat the same amount of cals. on days you didn’t work out too? I always feel like I should lower my intake on my rest days? Thanks

  2. Gorgeous pics! I’ve never actually hiked before, sad I know. I’m going to have to plan a trip soon because that looks like so much fun. 🙂

  3. oh wow. that is beautiful

  4. Nice post! I can’t wait to hear the getting shot at story! Crazy! One of my favorite hiking memories is when I went to Cedar Mesa Canyon in SE Utah. I felt very out in the middle of nowhere & it was gorgeous.

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