Never Skip Breakfast

Don’t you hate it when your normal “routine” gets disrupted? Today was like that. I had a hair appointment scheduled for 6:30am! UGH! So not a morning person. I stumbled out of bed at 6AM and got ready to go.  I didn’t have time for breakfast but you NEVER SKIP BREAKFAST. Skipping breakfast = overeating later.  Especially standing in line at Starbucks and gazing at the scones and muffins and yummy oatmeal…..

Anyways! I had some unsweetened ice tea and a few strawberries for my “first” breakfast. That was all I had time for.

*Not My Pic

My hairdresser is a sweetheart and took me next door to get coffee from Starbucks. Then, after my appointment, I had my Oikos Greek Yogurt and a small plum.

Quickie Breakfast

The yogurt and plum I ate for breakfast were NOT filling. My morning snack is my banana and some peanut butter. The peanut butter is a single serving packet that I found at Whole Foods for only 69 cents!

Almond Butter

I did not eat the whole package. It was just too much. This was the first time I’ve tried Almond Butter. I liked it. It was nuttier than regular peanut butter. But it was also very rich.

Today I ran at lunchtime. And I RAN IN THE RAIN! This was a first for me. I’ve gotten caught in the rain on accident, but never set out to run when it was rainy. And it wasn’t that bad! I figured, if people can run the Boston Marathon (and survive Heartbreak Hill), I can run for 30 minutes in the rain! 🙂 And I will confess that I did fantasize a bit that I was running in a marathon.

My time was great too.

Today’s Stats:

Time: 35:03

Calories Burned: 446

Nike+ Pace: 8’07”

While I was running, I saw a SEA LION in the Willamette River!! I was so surprised! He seemed a long way from home. It happened so fast I couldn’t get a picture 😦 but this is what he looked like:


He poked his little snout out of the water, spun around onto his back and swam a bit before ducking back under the water! It was such a surprise, I stopped running to watch.

QUESTION: What is the coolest thing you’ve ever seen while out exercising? And what do you usually have for breakfast?

14 responses to “Never Skip Breakfast

  1. A sea lion??? oooh that is so cute! I saw the HUGEST flock (?) of swans on my run yesterday – kind of scary really!!

  2. If I don’t have a big breakfast, I feel so hungry all day! I normally have oatmeal, banana, cereal (as a topping), milk, and peanut butter.

    Running in the rain is fun as long as it’s just a drizzle, but I’ve never really run in anything worse. Snow is OK, but I’m not sure about rain :). The coolest thing I’ve seen running was a wolf the other day! I was also chased by a fawn one time until I talked to it and it realized I wasn’t its mom!

  3. I always pretend I am running a race when I run. Sometimes when I am really tired I picture my family at the finish line cheering me on. Pretty silly, but it works.

  4. fitandfortysomething

    how great that you ate so healthy even when you were tempted! good for you 🙂
    love that you saw seal lions….i have seen dolphins and i love it!

  5. I run in my neighborhood mostly so I don’t usually see anything too exciting. Two weeks ago though, I had this adorable little dog join me for awhile. That was fun!
    My breakfast is boring. I usually have an Atkins shake (I’m not on a low-carb diet but these are filling and don’t upset my stomach–good mix of protein and fiber), a babybel cheese and a banana. OR I have an egg white/ham/ww cheese on a high-fiber english muffin when I have the time to make it!

  6. Mmm- I love Justin’s! The coolest thing i saw was a couple getting engaged on the hike & bike trail. I never saw someone proposed to before. I usually have yogurt granola fruit. But I’m getting bored of it. I do that with breakfast alot- eat the same thing then switch it up

  7. ugh. I totally blow off breakfast all the time. Then over eat later. You’d think I’d stop that by now but for some reason it has ALWAYS been like that, since teenage years. When I do eat breakfast I have a better day. so, all in all its my fault just this last post struck a cord. Oh well, any tips? Its like I’m totally in a hurry, for what I don’t know or soooo tired, don’t want to put anything in my mouth ~ lazy huh :-/ Good idea on breakfast though thanx 🙂

    • Atkin’s Shakes are good. Filling and low calorie. Oatmeal is good and usually pretty fast. Even if you just have a bagel thin or piece of toast with peanut butter, I’m sure that would help. Anyone else have tips?

  8. Sea lion! I wish I could see sea lions on my runs! The only animals I see are the fake ducks in the fake pond near my house haha.

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