UFC 112 Dinner

Saturday wasn’t very exciting after our bike ride. I did some reading, ran errands, went grocery shopping, watched part of Mad Men Season 2, and cleaned the house. I had some leftover pizza from Friday night for lunch and it wasn’t very filling. 😦 I was hungry by 3:30 so I made myself a salad.


A little lettuce, black olives, broccoli, carrots, chickpeas (my new favorite thing!) and Light Ranch Dressing. It was so good! I wish I could eat that all the time. I absolutely love salad.

For dinner we made grilled asparagus -grilled in Grape-seed Oil (topped with freshly shredded Parmesan cheese), and bratwursts!

Michael was so hungry he had 2 brats! I was hungry too. The asparagus was amazing.

We wanted something quick and easy so we could watch the UFC 112 show. Michael is a huge fan and I’m slowly becoming a casual fan. What I love most is the training the MMA fighters go through. It’s immensely inspiring! Michael knows that this aspect of it is what interests me most so he’ll record “hype shows” that show them working out. One guy, Sean Sherk, has a video on Youtube detailing his workout. Check out this intense workout! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1G61d0feaIg. There’s also a video showing him running up the side of a mountain but I couldn’t find that one.


10 responses to “UFC 112 Dinner

  1. dang that workout does look tough! I love it!

    in another funny–i was watching it and sean just heard the music and he goes are you watch porn?! haha

  2. I love reading your blog! Awesome job on losing 110 pounds!

  3. Don’t you just love chickpeas? They make such a perfect salad topper. 😀

    And I’ve never tried cooking in grapeseed oil, but I’m totally intrigued. Is it similair in taste/use as olive oil?

    • Grape seed oil doesn’t have a strong taste, but it’s different than olive oil. We switched after a fantastic meal at a fancy restaurant. The waitress said the chef used grapeseed oil when grilling/sauteeing veggies. They were fantastic!

  4. fitandfortysomething

    my hubby and i used to LOVE the UFC……it has been a while though since we have seen a fight.

  5. Classic video of Sean Sherk, I haven’t looked at that kind of thing for ages but I definitely should – so inspiring!

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