Impromptu Bike Ride

Michael surprised me this afternoon by suggesting a bike ride! He was finished watching The Masters. (Phil Mickleson won which is cool- he’s had a bad year with both his wife and mom getting breast cancer.) Anyway, golf was over so we suited up and went out to try to find that damn bike path!

It was do nice out today and we didn’t need our jackets or tights! Just shorts and t-shirts.

We Googled the route and thought we had it figured out. We rode out and went too far. We doubled back, took a few wrong turns (one included a mother of a hill!) and eventually found it!!!

We were sooo excited! We did about an hour and a half on the path that went along I-205 North. We got to SE Foster and decided to turn around. The whole time we saw dark, gloomy clouds forming behind us. It was getting late and we wanted to beat the rain.

We headed back and tried our best to haul ass. Those clouds were definitely rain clouds, and the temperature was dropping. We were about 2 miles from home when the rain arrived. I felt big, fat drops but they were few and far between. The rain actually felt really nice. I inhaled the smell of rain hitting the blacktop and mixing with the dirt. Lovely.

And then… The rain came for real! We were peddling as hard as we could. We were on 224 highway (there’s traffic lights and a bike lane-sort of) which I hate doing. The traffic was scary, the rain was hard and I was ready to just get home.

I was covered in mud:

We finally arrived! Long, hot showers and then we made dinner. Asparagus with butternut squash ravioli (topped with olive oil and Parmesan cheese) and sliced bratwursts. It was strange but absolutely delicious!!!



7 responses to “Impromptu Bike Ride

  1. dang sounds intensE! i actually think itd be fun to get caught in a rainstorm, except for maybe the falling on the bike aspect!

  2. What kind of watch do you wear? How do I find one of those? It looks handy! Great job on the bike ride!

    • @Ivie- It’s a Polar Heart Rate Monitor. You can find them for about $100 (or less on ebay). It’s a REALLY fantastic tool for calculating calories burned when exercising and for me, it motivates me to work harder.

  3. What a great ride! I’m always so jealous when I see nice bike paths like that. KY is getting better, but still seriously lacking at the moment. I hear one is in the works though.

    I have to say that the dinner looks delicious! I’m all for creative ways to use brats!

  4. Nice ride!!! 🙂

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