The “I Forgot To Pack a Lunch” Lunch

With the birthday festivities last night, I didn’t really have time (or the desire) to pack a proper lunch today. Since I have Happy Hour plans tonight with some friends, I also didn’t want to buy lunch. I did the next best thing: grabbed a can of soup from the pantry! Exciting, I know. 🙂

I’m actually really looking forward to this soup! It sounds delicious, and I love the “chunky” soups. They are fairly low in calories and pretty tasty.

Low Calories

I wish I had a gooey, grilled cheese sandwich to go along with the soup but crackers are going to have to suffice!

I went for a run at lunch today. I REALLY wasn’t looking forward to it. My feet were dragging at the idea of it. All morning I felt stiff and sore and I wasn’t even sure if my legs could handle a run so soon after my last run.

Once I got out there, I was so glad I did it! The sun was out, my legs actually felt ten times better and I suddenly felt like I had the stamina to run forever!


Today I ran on the other side of the Hawthorne Bridge instead of the path I normally do. It was a nice change of scenery.


I don’t think it added any distance to my run but it was so pretty out!

What A Pretty Day!

I was sooo glad I ran! It felt fantastic and the sky was blue. I actually took of my jacket too!

No Jacket Needed!

One alarming thing happened….A guy running in short blue shorts flashed his bits. I was so surprised. I spent the next few minutes thinking “Was that on purpose? Or does he just need SPANDEX?” So strange! When I told the girls at the office who also run/walk the waterfront they KNEW who I was talking about!!! YIKES.  Which brings me to the poster that’s on the wall by the Women’s locker room at work:

Nike+ Stats:

Time: 39:19

Pace: 8’39

Calories: 451

I got back to work in time to shower and have my soup.

Have a great afternoon! 🙂

QUESTION: What kind of underwear do wear when running? I need suggestions!


9 responses to “The “I Forgot To Pack a Lunch” Lunch

  1. Do you eat the whole can? When I’ve tried eating “healthy” soups I find that the 1 serving isn’t enough. I was just wondering, maybe it is just me still trying to shrink my stomach and hunger.

  2. Ah soup – such a great (and tasty) lunch!! With winter approaching – I suspect soup will make a regular appearance in our house!

  3. Sometimes you just gotta eat canned soup! Looks like you had fabulous outdoor exercising weather! I have a Nike+ too but Im embarassed to say Ive never used it!

    • @Kate – you HAVE to try the Nike+! I love it! I had a few other fitness APPs on my phone and they were all crap. I like that Nike+ keeps the history, shows my pace, and I can sync it with the website.

  4. Way to go on your run!! That is some beautiful scenery you got to experience. Uh….MINUS the guy flashing you. What the heck was that all about!? 😛

  5. That guy would have scared me! Excellent job on your run and on your entire journey! Congratulations!

  6. I am so glad you visited my blog, and so excited to discover you! Prediabetes sister! Woooo!

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