Siggi’s a Funny Name

I am a huge fan of Siggi yogurt!I had it for my morning snack and it’s very thick–even thicker than other Greek Yogurts I’ve tried–and it’s really tasty! It’s also not sweet. I got the Grapefruit flavor and it’s got a sour taste to it, which is good. The Strawberry Oikos I had yesterday had too much sugar for me.


All week I’ve been looking forward to running at lunch today because it was supposed to be sunny and almost 70 degrees! Um…not so much. There might be a little rain in today’s future….

I was almost to the end of my yogurt and I have to confess that I was REALLY craving the miniature snickers bite that’s been sitting in my desk for a week. I finally broke down and added it to the yogurt.


It was a goofy combination but dang, that Snickers was GOOD!

My lunchtime run was really good. The skies were pretty gray, but it wasn’t until the 23 minute mark that I started to feel some rain drops. No downpour though!

I added a new element to my Esplanade run. I ran up these stairs:

Running Stairs

I ran the stairs without stopping or walking and when I got to the top I continued to run down the ramp to get back to the Esplanade.


That added  an extra boost to my heart rate! I had to walk a few times towards the end of my run. I was just feeling extra tired today for some reason. I don’t know if I ate the right food this morning for my run (or enough food).

A few things I learned today:

1. My running posture has improved. I caught my reflection a few times in windows and I’m happy to report that my posture is MUCH better!

2. I am feeling much lighter on my feet.

3. My stomach is shrinking! Of course, this was the happiest realization today! When I’d catch my reflection and see my belly jiggling, I admit I was frustrated. It’s getting smaller!

Nike+ Stats:

Time: 38 minutes and 35 seconds

Distance: About 3.33 miles or so

Pace: 9’05”

Calories Burned: 467

A few more hours to go until Happy Hour! 🙂

3 responses to “Siggi’s a Funny Name

  1. Great work on the run! Stairs are such a great heart-rate increaser!!!

  2. Your lunch runs sound like so much fun and a great way to break up the day!

  3. @Cara, I’m really happy I’m able to run at lunch. I changed jobs a year or so ago and there’s a locker room with a shower (thank god!). I switched to working out during my lunch (when I can) to free up my evenings. I was really feeling isolated from friends because my nights were spent working out.

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