Must. Eat. Food.

I wasn’t sure I wanted to really make anything for dinner after my session on the trainer last night, but my stomach told me otherwise. I made a salad similar to the one I made on Monday night: lots of veggies, garbanzo beans, a few croutons, oil and balsamic vinegar. This time I topped the salad with a little of the leftover pulled pork. I also made a serving of gnocchi and added a little pesto to the top.

A 5 Minute Dinner

This morning, I had my Scottish Oats and for snack later I am trying Siggi yogurt for the first time!


6 responses to “Must. Eat. Food.

  1. Looks, yummy! I have had gnocchi in ages……..=(

  2. What a great “home gym” you have! I want one……how do you like your Polar watch? I need to get one soon as I will be running outside a lot (training for a 15K) and need to know the time. =)

    • @Laura, it’s funny because I haven’t really taken advantage of the awesome bike trainer that Michael has. He’s trained all winter on the bike.

      I love my Polar heart rate monitor but I’m thinking about upgrading to one with a GPS for mileage.

  3. garbanzos are the best!

  4. I have never had gnocchi…what does it taste like?

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