Boring Foods Today

Breakfast this morning was Scottish Oatmeal again. It’s my new favorite oatmeal!  I love it!

My snack today is the last of the free Oikos Greek Yogurt. So far, my favorite flavor was the vanilla.


The strawberry flavor is a little too sweet for me. But by far, I’ve enjoyed Oikos over all the other yogurts I’ve tried.

Lunch today is the last of the roast beef on a sandwich thin, with a pickle and some of those veggie chips (half a serving).

Tuesday Lunch

The weather is still nasty outside (with only a few minutes of no rain at a time). I’m going to try to walk during my lunch but it may not happen. 😦

Tonight’s workout plan: riding my bike on the trainer.

QUESTION: When the weather is bad, do you alter your workout routine?


5 responses to “Boring Foods Today

  1. Have you tried Fage? It is my favorite…so creamy ad thick!!

  2. Because of the lovely (rainy) city we live in, I usually plan my workouts for the gym, but alter it for an outside workout when the weather’s nice! You know a Portlander can’t NOT take advantage of sunlight! 🙂

  3. I agree with Kelly, Fage is great! I do like plain Oikos a lot, but the flavored ones are so sweet!

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