Lunch at Mom’s

Michael’s mom cooked a very tasty Easter lunch for everyone.

I had half a glass of white wine. It was way too sweet for me. Buttery and sugary. I am not a fan of dessert wines at all. When no one was looking I dumped my glass out. Shhh! We did have some Chateau Ste Michelle reisling that I love.

Michael’s step sister made deviled eggs. I had 4 of them!

Deviled Eggs

Lunch was a cheesy potato casserole and a crab frittata. Very yummy!


There were mini crescent rolls (I had 2) and a delicious fruit salad.

I Love Fruit Salad

I only had one serving of everything and did not go back for seconds. I listened to my body when it said it was full.

Flowers for His Mum

Even though I didn’t overeat, I feel like I ate a lot of high fattening foods. Lunch was huge.

When we got home last night, we caught up on some TV shows (Breaking Bad and Parenthood) and we both ate a Fiber One Bar as a snack. Neither of us were too hungry!


One response to “Lunch at Mom’s

  1. What are Deviled Eggs? I absolutely love eggs and am always looking for new things to do with them!

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