Oikos Update

Well it’s a good thing I biked last night! It’s pouring buckets out there today and the weather report says a nasty storm is coming in. I guess this weekend will be full of house chores and reading.

After dinner last night, I still had like 500 calories left. Michael pointed out that I didn’t need to eat them all–which is true.  Sometimes I forget that. But I want to have a little something sweet.  I had a little vanilla ice cream topped with a serving of chocolate chips and some Lite Chocolate sauce.

Sweet Tooth

My morning snack today is the first of my free Oikos Greek Yogurt!


It’s fantastic!!! I love it. It doesn’t just taste like “Sweet” it really does taste like honey.

Before Stirring

You can see the honey in the above picture before I stirred it up.

It’s creamy and mild. If it weren’t so expensive I’d buy this yogurt brand all the time. Two thumbs up!


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