Fitness Bucket List


Another blog I follow, had a great idea to make a “Fitness Bucket List”. It made me think about my own fitness goals I want to achieve. I thought I’d make them known here.

Bucket List

1. Complete 55 mile bike ride in Reach the Beach (May 15, 2010).

2. Complete Hood to Coast Relay (August 2010).

3. Run a 10k.

4. Run a Half Marathon.

5. Compete in a triathlon.

6. Take a pilates class.

7. Take a yoga class.

8. Retake the Tai Chi class I loved.

9. Go hiking in Greece!

10. Try a rock climbing wall.

11.  Go on a camping/biking adventure.

12. Bike ride in a different country (preferably a country with an excellent wine selection! 🙂 ).

13. Try a Bikram yoga class.

14. Take a Spin class.

15.  Do the Roy Webster Columbia River Cross Channel Swim

16. Take a Cross Fit Class.

17. Go cross-country skiing.

18. Bike Orcas Island, etc.,%20Orcas%20Island,%20Lopez%20Island,%20Friday%20Harbor%20and%20Anacortes.htm

19. Swim in the ocean.

20. Wear a bikini.

More to come later! I keep thinking of more goals!


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