My Trip to Whole Foods

During my short lunch today, I speed-walked to Whole Foods in the Pearl District to get my free Oikos yogurt!


While I was there, I picked up some Garbanzo beans, some whole wheat linguine, and some new Veggie Chips!

Whole Foods Finds

I’m having the Veggie Chips with my lunch today. They are okay. Kind of bland but low in calories.

I hope to try the yogurt tomorrow or this weekend and give everyone an update.

Calories for Lunch:  405

Almost time to leave for the day. Have a good afternoon! If it’s sunny where you are, enjoy it! 🙂


5 responses to “My Trip to Whole Foods

  1. What kind of Oikos did you get? I’ve been wanting to try the new “desserty” kinds, like carmel or chocolate.

    I love Whole Foods. I wish it were less expensive, though. Thank goodness there’s a Trader Joe’s near me to help me out!

    • I got the Vanilla, Strawberry, and Honey. They didn’t have the Caramel in the size I wanted so I will have to look somewhere else later. I can’t wait to try them! And yes, Whole Foods is too expensive for me. I think Trader Joe’s is just as good. 🙂 Lisa

  2. It’s pretty much impossible to go to whole foods without spending wayyy too much. Trader Joe’s is just as good on most levels (and much cheaper) except I think Whole Foods usually has a better produce selection

  3. Im excited to see what you think about Siggis. Ive been seeing it around but I cant bring myself to buy a little container for $3!!!!
    As for the seltzer tip you suggested over at runeatrepeat I love it – I saw some La Croix and I almost bought it the other day but I was like nahhh – I really should be driniking less diet soda!

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