First Solo Bike Ride

Well, the allergist appointment was kind of a bust. The doctor said that since I don’t even have physical problems after eating peanuts or wheat, I don’t need to worry about the blood test that said I had a “mild” allergy. He didn’t recommend getting allergy blood tests until someone is having distress in some way. Good to know!

The weather was still pretty nice so when I got home, I suited up for my first solo bike ride! I was sans Michael because he biked to work and back today and decided to go to golfing range instead. I was a little nervous about going by myself –especially since I don’t know the area that well–but decided to just do it!

My Bike

I hopped on the bike and immediately said “OUCH!” I was a bit sore in the butt from Tuesday’s biking! I was a little unsure about whether or not to keep going but I decided to just do it. I rode up the street and turned onto the road that I ran on last time. It has less traffic and a wide bike lane. I enjoyed the sunshine and road for awhile. I put my ipod on shuffle and listened to a combination of Bollywood, Tears for Fears, and Cher  (don’t ask)!

Wide Bike Lanes

I looped around and connected back to Webster and did part of Michael’s commute. I did the first really big hill and wanted to die. It makes all the difference riding with someone else. The urge to compete and be able to ride the same as your partner is a powerful motivator. Half way up the big hill, I almost gave up. My thighs were screaming! I definitely don’t have enough gears on my bike! I was riding sooo slowly and I finally made it to the top of the hill. According to my Polar Heart Rate Monitor, I peaked at 183 beats! At the top of the hill, I decided to keep going instead of stopping to rest at the top. I moved to the bike lane and then turned right into a housing development. Another HILL!! Goodness!

Residential Beauty

I stopped half way to rest, drink some water, and take a picture and then I turned around and headed back. I turned onto a side street just to see where it went. I wasn’t quite ready to head home yet. Then I discovered the bike path!!! Michael and I haven’t been able to figure out how to get to it. It runs along I-205 and is by our house! Woo hoo!

Bike Path!

I rode on the bike path (yay!) until I got close to home and then rode back on the street until I got home. I successfully rode my bike by myself! And I even rode in the street with the cars, signaled, and waited at four way stops like a car (something that always causes me anxiety). It was a good ride!

Bike Ride Stats:

Time: 43 minutes

Calories Burned: 345

Time to eat my leftover White Trash Casserole and a little steamed veggies. I’m settling in to watch “Rescue Me.”

Have a great night! 🙂


2 responses to “First Solo Bike Ride

  1. My allergist told me blood tests for food allergies are often inaccurate as well. So maybe it isn’t so bad? Still annoying though to not get a test done that you want done.

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