Tuesday’s Biking Adventure

The weather is looking pretty bleak this week. If the sunshine is here on Thursday, I will definitely be running outside! Since the weather is so nasty, I have to come up with alternatives to playing outside.

Tonight’s Workout: BIKING INSIDE.

I thought about going to the gym but rainy days tend to make the gym packed. Not really in the mood for that tonight. Since I need to really amp up my cycling to prepare for Reach The Beach, I’m going to ride my bike on the trainer.

Michael gets up at 5:15 in the morning to ride his bike trainer for an hour. (YUCK! I could NEVER get up that early to work out.) He kicks butt, gets his workout out of the way first thing. In a way, I’m envious. I wish I were a morning person so I could do that.

Michael kindly had my bike set up on the trainer by the time I got home. I changed into my biking clothes and hopped on!

Bike Trainer

I did 45 minutes on the bike. I could have done a little more but my butt was starting to hurt a little.

Pedal Faster!

Since Michael is the expert at the bike trainer, I let him “train” me and give me tips. He helped me do an abbreviated version of his routine: changing the gears every 5 minutes and watching my heart rate. I was sweating! It was a good work out.

The Aftermath

I burned 368 calories in 45 minutes on the bike. Yggdrasil watched me the whole time.


The bottom line: the bike trainer is a good alternative to going out in the rain!


2 responses to “Tuesday’s Biking Adventure

  1. You go girl! My husband bikes, I plan to get into it one day…..as currently I am loving “running” to much. =)

    • I always thought of biking as a hobby and something fun. Growing up in Seattle, weekends were spent biking on the Burke Gilman Trail. But I never thought of biking as fitness until I met Michael. 🙂

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