Saturday’s Gym Workout

I did not sleep in today like I was hoping I would. 😦 The upside to that is that I can get to the gym before it gets to crazy. Breakfast was an English muffin with cinnamon and a teaspoon of sugar with an orange.

Quick Breakfast

Breakfast wasn’t even 200 calories. I should have had a little more because halfway through my work out I was starving.

Ignore the Laundry

Since it was so early, I lucked out at the gym! I got a parking spot right in front (which is ironic since I don’t mind parking far away and walking…walking is more exercise…) and I got my favorite Stair-master. I did about 50 minutes of Speed Intervals on the stair-master and then went upstairs to do some weights.

I tried to take a few pictures (discretely). Here are pictures of my favorite ab machines:

Ab Machine #1

Doing Crunches

Ab Machine #2

When I do weights, I usually concentrate on my abs and my arms: both areas of my body that I am less than thrilled about! One of the “downsides” to losing a lot of weight is the loose skin. Mine isn’t that bad but it’s still something I’m trying to correct with exercise and weights. I’m reluctant to go under the knife for it. I didn’t get any pictures of the triceps and other arm machines I usually do.

Gym Stats:

Time: 58 minutes

Calories Burned: 605

I came home and drank a Nesquick Chocolate Milk for 100 calories. The rest of today will be running errands and doing chores. Fun! Not so much. Enjoy your Saturday! 🙂


One response to “Saturday’s Gym Workout

  1. Has anyone found a good exercise workout machine for home use? I want to get in shape again after getting very flabby this past year. I want a treadmill that gives me a good workout, and one that will last a long time. Let me know if Bowflex or Soloflex are best for me for my home fitness workout.

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