A Slow Thursday

Breakfast this morning was scrambled eggs topped with a little salsa and a spoonful of light sour cream. Also two turkey sausages and a piece of toast.  Having a big breakfast like this usually means I don’t need my morning snack until almost 11am.

A Simple Breakfast

My morning snack was the last of the oranges I bought from Safeway. I lucked out with the bag I got because every orange was super sweet and juicy.

Sweet Snack

My lunch today will be leftovers. I was feeling lazy! Leftover couscous and one piece of leftover fried chicken from last night. I hope they both hold up reheating.

Today is my rest day, which works out pretty well because it’s a rainy day here in Portland. As much as I hate rest days, I’m trying hard to listen to my body. I did walk across the bridge this morning. The brisk 30 minute walk is energizing. If it’s not raining at lunch time, I might try to walk a little to keep from getting stiff.

Last night was a low-key evening catching up on some TV shows. “Lost” and “Breaking Bad” –two of my favorites!

At lunch I walked briskly up to PGE Park. It was cold, rainy, gray and gloomy!

PGE Park

QUESTION: When it’s rainy, cold, and gloomy out, how do you motivate yourself to keep exercising?

Have a good day! 🙂


One response to “A Slow Thursday

  1. Im so happy your bag of oranges were all so good!!! Nothings worse than peeling an orange only to find out that its dry/tasteless!! Have a good rest day!

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