Sunny Day Run

Another nice day in Portland! It’s not supposed to last so I’m taking advantage of the almost 70 degree day! Since it’s been about 2 weeks since I’ve run the waterfront, I’m pretty excited. Not only that, I don’t have to wear a jacket.


Last night I tried out my new Foam Roller for the first time. I have to admit, it was kind of hard at first. My balance isn’t the best. However, it felt really good! I’m going to try and do the roller every night.

Look Ma! No Jacket!

I wore my t-shirt from the Shamrock Run (for the first time!). It was great. It fit well and was cool enough to run in. I stretched for a few minutes and headed out. The temperature was perfect. Everyone else had the same idea and the Esplanade was pretty crowded!

Flowering Waterfront

My run was okay. I started out strong. I felt strong, I felt fast, I had no pain. I even JUST missed the bridge going up! Lucky me!


Towards the end of my run, however, I started to feel lethargic. It was so crowded that I kept getting interrupted because people don’t know how to share the waterfront. Gabby Office Buddies who walk at lunch (which is a great thing) tend to walk 4 or 5 wide–which makes it IMPOSSIBLE to get around them. Grrr. It really screwed up my momentum.

Hawthorne Bridge

After my run, I showered and ate my Indian Food from Trader Joe’s. Chicken Tikka Masala. YUM! 300 calories.

Trader Joe's Lunch

My Nike+ Stats:

Time: 35 minutes 41 seconds

Pace: 8’19 per mile

Calories burned: 401

Have a great day! 🙂


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