Monday’s Food

After a trip to Trader Joe’s, I made a very yummy lunch of Chicken Tortilla soup. I added some shredded cheddar cheese, crushed tortilla chips, and a spoonful of light sour cream. It was a very filling lunch and tasted great! The Fiesta Chicken Soup came from Safeway and was only 110 calories per serving.

Tortilla Soup

I had a few tortilla chips and some new salsa as a side. It’s really great! It’s chunky like I like it and it has a nice smokey flavor. Here’s the salsa from Trader Joe’s:

Healthy Snacking

Dinner was my creation for a change. I baked some stuffed salmon from Trader Joe’s.

Find it @Trader Joe's

It’s so easy and tastes really great. I steamed some broccoli while it was baking (20 minutes) and made whole wheat couscous with a little butter.  Dinner was healthy and filling and about 600 calories!

Healthy Dinner


2 responses to “Monday’s Food

  1. trader joes is the best, isn’t it?! they make everything so EASY! that salmon looks great!

    • I love Trader Joe’s and it’s so much better (in my opinion) than Whole Foods (which is super expensive). They have a few different kinds of that stuffed salmon and they are all really tasty. 🙂 -Lisa

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