Friday’s Food

Breakfast this morning was scrambled eggs (3 eggs, 3 egg whites split between two people) and 2 turkey sausage links each, topped with a little cheese, sour cream and salsa. This is a pretty standard breakfast for us. Calories: about 300.
Morning snack: Banana, slightly bruised. I’m trying to eat it slowly because it’s going to be a long time until lunch today! I’m also having a Crystal Light (100 + 5 calories).
Afternoon Snack: Trader Joe’s Greek Yogurt (I think 110 calories) and the Light Pom Super Tea.
Lunch: The last Smart Ones frozen dinner I have at work. My goal next week is to make some easy and healthy lunches I can bring. I’m pretty sick of the Lean Cuisines lately.
Dinner: A slice of pizza. Dinner is going to be on the go tonight since we are heading out for the weekend!

Today during lunch I went for a walk in the Pearl District. It was so beautiful outside! I definitely did not need my jacket and I even wished I was wearing shorts! I am sooo excited for nice weather to be here! Here are a few pictures from my walk:

If you aren’t familiar with downtown Portland, “The Pearl District” is yuppy-ville downtown. Hipsters, Yuppies, Rich People Who Live In Lofts. But it’s also got some cool upscale stores and restaurants too. I walked by Cupcake Jones and couldn’t resist drooling through the window.

Mmmmm….cupcakes. Someday I will try one from there!


One response to “Friday’s Food

  1. really random question! i was looking at your weight loss log & i seems that you never really plateaued or temporarily stopped losing weight. congrats on your weight loss by the way! ive made a huge plateau right now and i think im going back to calorie counting to get off the final 20 pounds – any feedback on how to stayed on the weight loss train without getting off periodically?have a good weekend!

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