Junk Food and Monday’s Run

Something I wanted to address was “junk food.” I’m not necessarily speaking of Cheetohs or Oreos, more like a cheeseburger. Yesterday, Michael and I went to Five Guy’s for burgers for dinner. I don’t feel guilty because I was way under my calories for the day and could “afford” it.

I think it’s a good thing to have a “cheat day”. I work out REALLY hard all week in order to splurge once in awhile. The secret of “cheating”, however, is to still make good decisions with what you’re eating. The Five Guy’s “Little Bacon Cheeseburger” I ate was 630 calories. I did not get fries and I had a diet soda. Michael got the regular Bacon Cheeseburger at 1,000 calories. My burger tasted just as great as his, and less calories. I’d had a fantastic week calorie-wise! I rewarded myself with a cheeseburger. 🙂

The problem with a “cheat day” is that it implies you’re on a diet and not allowing yourself to eat real food. That’s not healthy and as soon as you’re “denying” yourself things you’ll want them more! What you have to do is eat food you want to eat in moderation. Michael loves pizza and could seriously eat pizza every day. He explained to me that he goes to places where he can get 1 slice. That’s the way to “cheat”–having something you love but not over-eating.

The secret to “Cheat Day” is to not undo EVERYTHING you accomplished the rest of the week!

I read a lot of other food blogs and noticed that they are more concerned with eating healthy and organic food. That’s excellent. But for me, since the beginning, my concern is eating what I like to eat IN MODERATION. It’s all about portion control. I don’t have time to cook elaborate food with all organic items. I pay attention to calories and portions. It works for me.

Yesterday we also went to the Nike outlet and I got some new running shoes! I can’t wait to try them out. I really hope these are better than the Addidas. 😦 I got the Nike Air Insight IV Running shoes.

Today I’m a little sore from Saturday’s bike ride, but it’s bike muscles that are sore. I hope that means today’s run won’t be excruciating! Today is going to be the only nice day in Portland, followed by 10 days of rain, I have to take advantage of it!

Question: What is your “splurge food” on Cheat Day? And can you eat it in moderation?


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